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In an effort to fully support our vastly diverse membership community, ASMB has developed the following active committees.

Executive Committee

Suneel Apte, Jeff Davidson, Joanne Murphy-Ullrich,  Ambra Pozzi,

Fundraising Committee

Chairs: Maurizio Pacifici, Renato Iozzo, Joanne Murphy-Ullrich, Ambra Pozzi

Meeting and Program Committee

Joanne Murphy-Ullrich (current President Elect)

Membership Committee

Chair: TBA

Newsletter and Publication Alert Committee:

Chairs: Dwayne Stupack, Marian Young, Ambra Pozzi and Audrey McAlinden (Publication Alerts)

Nominating and Awards Committee

Chairs: Jeff Davidson (current Past President), Beth Kozel, Dieter Reinhardt, and Dwayne Stupack

Professional Development/Women and Diversity Committee

Chair: Amy Bradshaw

Publications Committee

Chairs: Rocky Tuan, Suneel Apte, Ken Yamada, Renato Iozzo, Bill Parks

Website Committee

Chairs: Dwayne Stupack, Kayla Bayless



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Upcoming Meetings

Jefferson Matrix Biology Meeting
Sunday, June 4, 2017
Philadelphia, PA

Chinese Society of Matrix Biology (CSMB) 2nd National Conference
Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Jishou, Hunan province, China

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