ASMB 2021 Biennial Meeting Travel Awards Program

ASMB is pleased to offer several categories for trainee travel awards. Meeting registrants may apply for travel awards through the abstract submission system.  Registrants may apply for multiple award categories but note that only one travel award per applicant will be granted. Award application deadline is JULY 16, 2021.

ASMB Travel Award

Five (5) Travel Awards will be given to outstanding abstracts selected for oral presentation in one of the thematic concurrent sessions at the ASMB biennial meeting. To be considered for one of these awards, the candidates must be a trainee (i.e., a student or postdoctoral fellow) and an active ASMB member. In addition, the candidates need to indicate their interest in applying for the award and their preference that their abstract be considered for an oral presentation by checking the appropriate boxes on the abstract submission form. Candidates must submit a CV and letter of recommendation (advisor or other senior investigator) during the abstract submission process. The abstracts are reviewed by the program and awards committee before the meeting and those chosen will then be informed. Each awardee is presented with a certificate and an honorarium and will be recognized at the meeting.

An additional five (5) Travel Awards are selected onsite at each biennial meeting by a panel of judges who review the presented posters. The award is open to students and postdoctoral fellows who indicate at the time of their abstract submission that they wish to apply for the award. Candidates must submit a CV and letter of recommendation (advisor or other senior investigator) during the abstract submission process. These awards are limited to active ASMB members. The award is presented onsite at the biennial meeting and is accompanied by a certificate and an honorarium.

ASMB URM Travel Award

These travel awards are offered to individuals who identify as underrepresented minorities.  Please address your qualification for this award in your application letter.  ASMB follows the NIH guidelines for this category.

The Histochemical Society Travel Award

The Histochemical Society awards recognize projects and applicants that explore novel in situ tissue imaging and analytic techniques, including, but not limited to immunohistochemistry/immunofluorescence and in situ hybridization, or those that strongly incorporate these techniques. Demonstrating some connection to such techniques will be a critical factor in the evaluation of award applications.

Eye Focused Research Travel Award

Several travel awards will be granted for applicants whose research is focused on the eye. Please address your qualification for this award in your application letter. These awards are sponsored by the BrightFocus Foundation, Glaucoma Foundation, and Glaucoma Research Foundation.

Iozzo Trainee Award

Three Iozzo Trainee Awards will be presented in conjunction with each ASMB Biennial Meeting. One award will be given to a graduate student and two awards given to postdoctoral fellows who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the field of matrix biology and a continuing commitment to matrix biology research. The awards will include an honorarium. Candidates must be ASMB members enrolled in a Ph.D. program or with no more than 5 years of postdoctoral training at the time of nomination submission. Selection criteria will include matrix-related publications, total publications, having secured independent fellowships, and a demonstrated interest in matrix biology. Requirements include: a letter of nomination from a mentor or close collaborator who is an ASMB member,  a statement from the applicant summarizing his/her contributions to the field of matrix biology and addressing the candidate’s career plan as it relates to matrix biology, a Curriculum vitae, and an abstract submitted to the ASMB biennial meeting.

Up to six nominees will be selected to present their research at a special session at the ASMB biennial meeting.  The winners will be chosen based on the scientific quality of their overall body of work, commitment to a career in matrix biology and the submitted abstract. These awards will be supported by the Iozzo Award Fund.