Poster Information:

Poster Session Topics

Matricellular Proteins
Elastic Fiber Proteins
Matrix in Morphogenesis
Structure and Assembly of ECM
ECM of Inflamation, Infection and Immunity
Tumor Microenvironment
ECM of Aging
Cardiovascular ECM
Skin BM, Wound Healing and Disease
Growth Factors and ECM
Heritable Disorders of Connective Tissue
ECM in Musculoskeletal Biomechanics and Regeneration
ECM in Fibrosis
Protease and ECM Remodeling


Poster Presenters

Abstracts selected for poster presentations will be notified of presentation status and session number in early July (regular submission) and late August (late breaking submission.)

Each poster display board is mounted horizontally, and has a 8' wide x 4' tall display surface. Each presenter may utilize half of one side of the board – or an area of 4'wide by 4'tall. Please be certain to bring a poster which will fit in this display area.  Push pins will be provided on-site.  Please be certain to have your poster on display by 9am the day of your poster presentation session.   

All posters will be displayed for the entire meeting, but posters will be presented in two separate sessions.  Odd numbered posters will be presented in Poster Session I and even numbered posters will be presented in Poster Session II.