ASMB Workshops

Since 2017, ASMB has offered workshops on novel topics in the years between the biennial meetings. These workshops are small, highly interactive, affordable gatherings around a specific topic of interest to Matrix Biologists.

Proposals are invited from ASMB members for organization of future workshops on an on-going basis. The workshops are intended to be a low-cost, focused meeting held in years between the established ASMB Biennial Meeting in the format specified below. The ASMB workshop can be on any topic that is of relevance to extracellular matrix and cell-matrix interactions and fulfills a perceived need within the matrix community. It is important that the proposed ASMB workshop topic not duplicate an existing conference or one that has significant overlap with it. The ASMB’s goal through this initiative is to jump-start recurring low-cost meetings on neglected or emerging topics in extracellular matrix biology. Previous ASMB Workshops were focused on Basement Membranes and Fibroblasts. Although some ASMB workshops might be offered in multiple years depending on demand, ASMB strongly welcomes fresh topics.

The next workshop will likely be held in 2026 - but timing can be flexible. If you have an idea, we want to hear from you!

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