ASMB Mentoring Program

ASMB is pleased to offer a new volunteer Mentoring Program for its members!  The goal is to provide individualized support and guidance for the next generation of matrix scientists.  You can determine the level and type of interactions you would like in order to help advance your career in science.

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are ASMB members, typically at faculty level or similar established position in biotech, pharma, etc.  Mentors have volunteered to participate in this mentoring program and are interested in guiding and assisting the next generation of matrix scientists!  The ASMB Mentoring Program will attempt to match mentors with mentees who have similar scientific interests.

Who qualifies for mentoring?

Any trainee (undergrad, grad, post-doc, medical student/resident) or scientist in a transitional or early faculty position who is a member of ASMB is eligible for mentoring through this program. Mentees are required to have the approval of their thesis advisor/post-doctoral mentor in order to participate in this program.

What kind of activities are involved?

Mentoring activities will be tailored to your individual needs.  This could involve informal activities such as advice on career guidance or help with networking of appropriate scientific contacts, but also could be more formalized interactions. For example, your ASMB mentor could be invited to become a member of your thesis or formal institutional mentoring committee.  The ASMB mentor could review your draft manuscripts or grant applications to provide advice or just be there to discuss strategies for a career in science!

What happens after I apply?

The ASMB Mentoring Committee will match mentees with mentors based on desired types of interactions and appropriate scientific expertise.  You will both be notified by the Committee as to your “pairing.”  It is then up to you both to contact each other to discuss your interests and to make arrangements for interactions. The ASMB mentoring committee will periodically follow-up to determine satisfaction with the program.


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Interested in becoming a mentor?  If you'd like to participate in the program as a mentor, just let us know. We encourage ASMB members to serve as mentors and to get involved in this important society program.

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