In an effort to fully support our vastly diverse membership community, ASMB has developed the following active committees.

Executive Committee

Joanne Murphy-Ullrich, Lynn Sakai, Suneel Apte, and Ambra Pozzi, 

Finance and Fundraising Committee

Chair: Ambra Pozzi

Meeting and Program Committee

Chair: Jeffrey Miner

Membership Committee

Chair: Open 

Suneel Apte, Thomas Barker, Andrew Leask, Rachel Lennon, Joanne Murphy-Ullrich, Ryan Petrie, Ambra Pozzi, Lynn Sakai, Sam Senyo, and David Soto-Pantoja

Communication and Outreach

Chairs: Alexandra Naba 

Jay Bhave, Joan Chang, Amanpreet Kaur, Davy Vanhoutte, Justin Weinbaum, and Ryan Petrie.

Nominating and Awards Committee

Chair: Joanne Murphy-Ullrich

Beth Kozel, Merry Lindsey, and Ambra Pozzi

Professional Development/Women and Diversity Committee

Chair: TBA

Newsletter Editor

Dwayne Stupack


ASMB welcomes your involvement. Let us know if you would like to join a committee!

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