In an effort to fully support our vastly diverse membership community, ASMB has developed the following active committees.

Executive Committee

Jeff Miner, Lynn Sakai, Ambra Pozzi, and Karen Posey

Finance and Fundraising Committee

Chair: Karen Posey

Meeting and Program Committee

Chair: Ambra Pozzi

Membership and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

Chair: Ryan Petrie

Suneel Apte, Thomas Barker, Evangelia Bellas, Sumit Bhutada, Doug Gould, Andrew Leask, Rachel Lennon,  Enid Neptune,  Ambra Pozzi, Lynn Sakai, Sam Senyo,  David Soto-Pantoja, Davy Vanhoutte, and Yao Yao

Communication and Outreach

Co-chairs: Joan Chang and Davy Vanhoutte

Pilar de la Puente, Dirk Hubmacher, Amanpreet Kaur Bains,  Ande Marini, Milos Marinkovic, and Justin Weinbaum.

Nominating and Awards Committee

Chair: Jeff Miner

Dirk Hubmacher, Yoshi Ishikawa, Dawiyat Massoudi, Andrea Page-McCaw, Ambra Pozzi, and Sam Senyo

Publishing Committee

Chair: Rachel Lennon

Dirk Hubmacher, Andrew Leask, Dieter Reinhardt, Lynn Sakai, and David Sherwood

Professional Development/Women and Diversity Committee

Chair: TBA

e-Newsletter Editor

Alexandra Naba and Milos Marinkovic

ASMB welcomes your involvement. Let us know if you would like to join a committee!

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