ASMB 2024 e-Symposia - Join Us On-line!


July 11, 11:00am US EDT
ASMB Image Contest Winners
The Science Behind the Winning Images!
Join our image contest winners as they explain their images:
Neha Dinesh,  McGill University
Dirk Hubmacher, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Dharma Tejeshwar Reddy Pally, University of Illinois at Chicago
Aubrie Stricker, Vanderbilt University
Rodrigo Barbosa de Souza, Universidade de San Paulo
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Future e-Symposia

ASMB is accepting proposals for e-Symposia.  If you are interested in organizing a session, let us know.

E-symposium chair proposals should include the proposed topic title, a brief explanation of why your proposal would be of interest to the ASMB, the format for the event, and the names and affiliations of the discussion leaders and speakers. Further, please indicate what steps you will take to try and make your session as inclusive and diverse as possible. We will be happy to discuss your proposals with you. Potential chairs must be members of the ASMB. We encourage submissions from ASMB members at any career stage (including graduate students and post-docs) and welcome proposals from individuals or teams of two. More information can be found in the Call for e-Symposia proposals below.

Call for e-Symposia Proposals
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