Basement Membrane Abstracts and Posters

Abstract submission is now open. Registration for the workshop is required before submitting an abstract. Deadline for submitting abstracts for selected talks is June 7, 2019.  Abstracts submitted after June 7 will be considered for poster presentation only.  Final day for abstract submission is July 3.  

 To submit an abstract you will need your abstract title, text, and co-author information. If you wish to apply for a travel award, you will need to upload your CV and letter of recommendation (as PDF files) with the abstract submission.  Please have all of these elements ready for submission when you begin the submission form.  Abstract forms cannot be edited once they have been submitted. Contact the ASMB office if you have any questions regarding your abstract. [email protected]


Abstract Topics

Innovative Tools for Basement Membranes Research
Biophysics of Basement Membranes
Basement Membrane Assembly
Diversity of Basement Membranes
Cell-Basement Membrane Interactions
Basement Membranes and Disease
Therapeutics for Basement Membrane Diseases


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Poster boards will be 8ft by 4ft, with two posters assigned per board.  Please make sure your poster fits within a 4ft x 4ft area. All posters will be on display throughout the entire workshop, but will present at assigned time only.

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