Abstracts and Posters

Meeting registration is open, but abstract submission is now CLOSED.

Abstract submission deadline for selected talks was TUESDAY, September 6. To be considered for a selected talk, abstracts must have been received by September 6.  Late breaking abstract submission closed on Monday, September 19.Thank you for your submissions!

Abstract Topics

Fibroblasts and Microenvironment

Fibroblasts in Connective Tissue Disorders

Fibroblasts and Cell Communication: Lessons from the Lung and Heart

Fibroblasts and bioprinting systems

Fibroblasts and Novel Biomaterials

Fibroblasts and fibroproliferative pathologies

Fibroblast’s isolation and culture-best practices in the field

Fibroblasts and Tissue Engineering



Poster boards will be 8ft by 4ft, with two posters assigned per board.  Please make sure your poster fits within a 4ft x 4ft area. All posters will be on display throughout the entire workshop.  Push pins will be provided on-site.  Set-up for all posters is available Monday morning, October 17, starting at 7:00am. Posters are required to be set by 8:00am on Monday as there will be a “Poster Preview” during the continental breakfast that day.
Poster may be removed after 2:45pm on Tuesday, October 18.
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