Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The ASMB is dedicated to advancing knowledge in the field of matrix biology and its application to the betterment of human health, while supporting the career development of young scientists in matrix biology.  At ASMB, we are privileged and enriched by membership from a diverse community and we are proud of the racial, gender, sexual orientation, religious, and international composition of our community. Our strength is built upon this breadth of experiences and perspectives.

The killing of Mr. George Floyd and countless others by an unequal system of justice highlights the urgent need for concrete and effective changes in our society and governing bodies.  Moreover, our collective heightened consciousness of these killings comes at a time when the pandemic has revealed racial vulnerabilities to disease.  As a scientific society that promotes inclusion and diversity, we need to state unequivocally the imperative for thoughtful and constructive changes to our institutions. Everyone has a right to feel safe while engaging in daily activities. Effective change must occur in the near term as well as continue into the future. The scientific evidence clearly indicates that economic and social inequalities adversely affect human health, which is counter to the goals of our society. ASMB expresses its support for constructive change and importantly, for free expression of opinions and ideas.

As each of us knows from our scientific background, we all learn from listening especially to opinions from differing perspectives.  As scientists, we are trained to critically evaluate data, but we are also required to examine the rigor and implicit biases of these data. As individuals, we can start to effect change by quietly examining our own implicit biases and working to correct the “experimental design.” ASMB specifically supports projects and programs to meet the needs of ASMB members, especially trainees, newly independent scientists, and scientists from underrepresented populations in the biomedical research enterprise.  You are encouraged to bring your critiques of current ASMB governance as well as ideas for how to increase diversity and inclusion to  the ASMB Council.  This is the time for making change.

Mentoring Program

ASMB is pleased to offer a new volunteer Mentoring Program for its members.  The goal is to provide individualized support and guidance for the next generation of matrix scientists.  You can determine the level and type of interactions you would like in order to help advance your career in science. While this program was inspired by ASMB DEI intiatives, it is open to all.  To learn more about the Mentoring Program click here.


Membership Opportunities and Event Registration Discounts

ASMB strives to remove barriers to participation. If you would like to join ASMB or attend an ASMB event but require financial assistance, let us know.  We are pleased to offer discounts and fee waivers for those underrepresented in science (NIH guidelines) or otherwise disadvantaged. To request a discount or fee waiver, please email the ASMB business office with a letter of application stating your qualification for the discount or waiver and why participating with ASMB is important to you.  


DEI Task Force Mission

The ASMB Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force is comprised of members who are URM trainees and interested faculty.  The group meets regularly to address issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and access within the society and larger science community. The Task Force welcomes your participation and ideas. Let us know if you'd like to be involved!  Email ASMB.